Pretty work folks (A nuestros queridos amiguis. Un beso.)

El pasado viernes sufrimos otro ataque que supuso la caída de esta página güeb durante un tiempo.

Aquellos que nos habéis escrito vía formulario de contacto desde el jueves y no os hemos contestado enviadnos la consulta de nuevo :-S

Para nuestros queridos amiguis tenemos este mensaje:

Pretty work folks, but we never ever ask for nor quote neither implement anything regarding stoling, encryption and ask ransoms for dbb.

Your work caused an extra time intervention of our sysadmins. Three persons worked for 3 hours: total of hours worked is 9 and price per hour is 1000€.

So, we kindly ask you to pay us 9000€ for the incident caused by your unrequired service.
You can pay on hands, on every social antifascist, antiracist and anticapitalist organizations all over the word, by informing "CGT Informatica donation".

Finally, we want to hope you  a long life, but if you will die today or tomorrow by violence, we can understand and go on anyway.